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Company GLASS manufactures stainless steel machines for Food applications since 1972. The techniques used today like 3D-CAD guarentee a customer oriented production of all machines. One of the specialities of GLASS is to build all machines to the custom demands and deliver in shortest possible time.

In more than 40 years history of GLASS it was always and will always be the effort of all that the customer and the satisfaction of the customer are in the first place. The top aim of the Company politics is to offer a solution for the Special Problem Definition of the customer. GLASS is ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of approved machines completly made in Germany.

Products and services

  • VSM - tumbler and gentle mixer,
  • AGM - universal mixer and homogeniser,
  • VAS - intensive mixer for pastes, liquids and powders,
  • GS - meat tenderiser,
  • WOK - industrial frying pan with agiator,
  • Marinater - tumbler and marination machine for lab and small scale production,
  • SPR - meat flatening machine Process machinery,
  • BestCut - continuous fine cutting and homogenization,

All Mixers are available with Options like vacuum, heating and cooling.

Tumbler and Mixer for meat and all other foods VSM

The VSM has a wide range of applications. It is a tumbler for meat applications as well as a gentle mixer for a wide range of liquid, pasty and solid products. There is a wide range of Options to adapt the machine to various process demands. The processes can also include thermal applications as the machine can be heated and cooled with all available medias. The VSM is available in sizes from 40 ltrs up to 2700 ltrs. All machines can be customised.

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Allround mixing and processing machine Type AGM

The AGM is a universal mixer to mix and homogenise various products. At the bottom of the vessel there is a knife head installes to mix and emulsify all ingredients in shortest time. The machine is available with various Options like heating, cooling and vacuum to fulfill all production process steps. The range of producable products is very wide from cold Dips/Dressings/sauces until hommous and dairy products like processed cheese. The machine is available in sizes of 15/25/40/80/150/300 ltrs.

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Mini tumbler for Lab and small scale production MARINATER

The marinater is our smallest industrial tumbling machine with integrated vacuum pump and interval Switch. The machine has a capacity of 15 kg/Batch. It is available with clear drum to inspect the process and also a stainless steel drum for best durability. The machine is designed for R&D purpose and also for small quantity productions.

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Glass GmbH & Co. KG
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Contact person

Karsten Ollesch
Sales Manager
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News & Innovations

Small flattener SPR 200

With more than 40 years of experience in the construction of escalope sheets, GLASS GmbH now presents a new model in the lower performance range especially for trade, catering and gastronomy.

The technique is based on the principle of the belt plate with 2 belts, between which the gap tapers in the running direction. Additional rollers are built into the belt bodies to achieve an extra knocking effect and increase performance. The industry standards are fully implemented to ensure robust and long-lasting operation.

In electrical and drive technology, too, great importance was attached to robust industrial quality in order to continue to supply quality "made in Germany".

The main reasons for using shredder blades instead of the manual tapping method are on the one hand the efficiency of the process and on the other hand the exact quality of the end product. This also allows subsequent operations such as frying or cooling to be carried out with much greater process reliability.
The space available in production was taken into account by a double-storey arrangement of the belts. The meat is placed on top and then moved down between the bands to come out flattened on the same side at the end. This meant that the installation space of the machine could be halved for the same output. The output of the plant is approx. 1,500 escalopes per hour and can therefore also meet ambitious requirements.
Like all GLASS machines, this plate is also produced in Paderborn, where the consistently high quality can be guaranteed. The system can also be demonstrated directly in the pilot plant.

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